Everyone can help!


Would you like to participate as a class or an association and earn money for school, the association or a charity? You can! Collect as many CDs/DVDs as possible and turn them in to us.

This is how we recycle together!


Professional collectors can contact our commercial department by email or phone.

As a thrift store, you can act as a collection point. Please deliver CDs and DVDs in accordance with the delivery instructions.

Delivery instructions

Collect min. 400 kg of pure CDs and DVDs, without boxes, paper or cardboard. Deliver these in large boxes or in a big bag on a pallet at our location in The Hague, Utrecht or Schijndel and receive € 0.75 p/kg. (This price depends on the applicable daily rate).


The world has been littered with CDs/DVDs for the past 50 years. We all know that these media carriers are now almost non-existent. It’s time to collect and recycle! Step by step, a little each day.


How we recycle?

In short: grinding, washing and extruding. Very accurately. We are quite proud of that! Recylced polycarbonate is used for a great many applications. Nice to see!

Turning in CDs/DVDs.

Do you have access to a large quantity of CDs/DVDs and would you like to turn them in? Please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to help